Primarily we work with learning content providers who need to transform content into compelling digital learning experiences that challenge young minds to grow. In collaboration we design, develop and help our clients deliver those experiences to their learners.


“Own the problem”: It’s critical to understand the problem before implementing a solution. We do this through:

  • Learning value analysis
  • Game design and user experience ideation
  • Constructivist learning models for creativity
  • Business process design to ensure delivery to learners
  • Production process design that is repeatable and scalable


Over 30 years of e-learning development has given us the ability to create:

  • Learning games
  • Content-rich web sites
  • Online communities
  • Multi-platform web and mobile upgrades to legacy products to meet changing goals and environments


By “deliver” we mean ensuring that our clients can deliver to their “clients”–their learners–through:

  • Infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and maintainable
  • Maintenance processes and product maintenance execution
  • Well-crafted content integration and publishing workflows


We are a “heavy-lifter and safety net” helping client-partners using iterative development cycles with ongoing stakeholder feedback to help them:

  • Understand the problems and opportunities facing their e-learners
  • Articulate learners-centric solutions
  • Implement and guarantee those solutions
  • Maintain and improve them through time